Saving with capital accumulation benefits

Capital accumulation benefits pays off in two ways: you save, your employer adds additional savings and the government rewards you with a hefty bonus.

Important information regarding the risks of investment products

The information provided here contains only general information on individual types of financial instruments. They do not constitute nor do they substitute the opportunities and risks of the investment products in a detailed banking consultation. Detailed information on individual investment strategies and investment products including related risks, execution venues and costs and related charges are suggested by your Volksbank Kaiserslautern eG before implementing an investment decision in the framework of a consultation.

Deposit and institute protection

The Volksbank Kaiserslautern eG is connected with the official BVR Institutsicherung GmbH and the additional voluntary protection scheme of the Bundesverband der Deutschen Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken e.V.. As institutional protection schemes, both institutions have the task of averting  or fixing imminent existing economic difficulties in the institutions affiliated to them (Institut protection). All institutions that are connected with this system, support each other in avoiding insolvency. Customer capital is also under institut protection- including savings deposits, savings bonds, term deposits, demand deposits and issue bonds- unless invested in funds.