Saving with a chance to win and help others

Save, help, and win: with Gewinnsparen, you have everything in one plan. A part of your stake, gets donated to projects in our region, and the rest is saved. You can even win a prize.

The exciting savings delight

When you purchase Gewinnsparen, you can buy one or more drawings. The money will be debited from the account specified. With your stake, you support projects in our region and participate in the monthly drawings and promotions.

Advantages of Gewinnsparen:

  • Save, play, help
  • Continuously increasing savings
  • Chances to win monthly prizes
  • Support regional projects

Helping your region

With each drawing, you are donating a small part to projects in your community. For further information regarding donation sums, types of projects, and developments, refer to your Volksbank Kaiserslautern eG.1)

1) Minors are not allowed to participate.

The Special Raffles can be found under "Information about Special Raffles".