Finance Manager

The digital household book

Keep and improve your financial situation at a glance: you can manage your incoming and outgoing transactions, when and wherever you want with the new Finance Manager.

Manage your personal finances easy and fast

The finance manager prepares all of your account's transaction information and data , including credit card accounts, in digital form. This is saved up to 15 months. The finance manager has many other functions such as:

  • An overview on the start page, digitally illustrates all incoming and outgoing transactions.
  • The function "Entwicklung" shows the overall financial development in a fixed timeframe.
  • The "Finanzkalender" shows your finances in different views such as daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • The function "Budgets" enables you to create budgets, in order to better control your spending.
  • The function "Benachrichtigungen" reminds you of important scheduled events.  

The innovative finance manager functions are integrated in the online-banking portal and also in the VR-Banking app.  

Registrations for the financemanager is very simple. This is how you activate it:

  • Log into your online-banking for private customers. 
  • Click on the upper menu option "Finanzmanager".
  • Accept the terms and conditions for the finance manager.
  • Confirm the registration with a valid TAN.

On the first page of the financial manager, you have a complete overview of distributed in- and outgoing transaction. All transactions are automatically categorized.  


Here you can analyse the overall development of your finances in a fixed timeframe.


In this function, you can see your income and expenses on average as well as consider the cumulative development of your personal financial situation.


The function 'Budgets' helps you to keep control of your expenses.
Create a budget for the month. You will always know if and when you have reached or exceeded your limit.


Schedule nofitifications for selected events.
You can define the notifications for incoming transactions, expenses, balances or budget limits. Stay updated on your current financial situation.


Activate your finance manager now!