Credit Card Overview

Find the perfect credit card for you!

With a credit card, you can start paying around the world without cash. Our credit card comparison will help you find the perfect match. Choose the following credit card that best fits your needs.

  BasicCard ClassicCard GoldCard
Annual Fee   19,90 Euro
29,90 Euro
89,90 Euro
Payment Method Prepaid basis
Withdrawn from checking account Withdrawn from checking account
Pay Worldwide
Worldwide Money Withdrawl   1)
Safe online payments
Around the clock card suspension service
Emergency temporary card
Choose your own PIN
Choose your own card design
Traffic accident insurance
International travel health insurance
Travel cancellation cost insurance    
Travel luggage insurance      
Travel service insurance
Certificatre of international travel coverage insurance
Insurance protection against damaged, destructed, or stolen purchases      
Guarantee extension for electronics or electrical houshold devices
Rebate on travel costs
Travel service hotline
To credit cards

1) You can pay safely at acceptedsites with online credit verification. You can only spend the amount of money available on your credit card (the amount put onto the card). It may be in certain cases lead to offline transactions, which masy also lead to a negative balance, for example,. at toll booths, parking garages, in charges for use abroad, when using ATMs or use to bail purposes, for example, hotel or car rental agencies.